East Gippsland forest protection report 2007

Yalmy forest, East Gippsland

Author: Peter Campbell Date of forest visit: 14 – 16 April 2007 Report issue date: Wednesday, 5 September 2007 Version: Final, v1.0 Executive summary This report assesses some of the forest areas in East Gippsland that were announced for protection during the 2006 Victorian State Election campaign. The purpose of this report is to assess… Continue reading East Gippsland forest protection report 2007


2011-2015 Victorian government scorecard

The Liberal-National coalition government led by Premier Ted Baillieu was elected on 27 November 2010. This article provides a summary of policy comparisons between the government and other parties on various issues. Issue Baillieu Government Labor Greens Cattle grazing in Alpine National Park Reintroduced as “trial to mitigate bushfire risk” Oppose Oppose Grand prix at… Continue reading 2011-2015 Victorian government scorecard


CH2 building

Roof space with wind turbines, CH2 building

Council House 2 (CH2) is claimed to be Australia’s greenest and healthiest office building. It opened in Melbourne in August 2006 and has set a new world standard benchmark for design and construction of future high-rise buildings. The building is described as visionary with potential to change the way Australia and the world approaches ecologically sustainable… Continue reading CH2 building


Strengthening Victoria’s new solar laws

Suggested legislative amendments to the Brumby Government’s solar legislation. On Monday May 5th 2008 the Brumby Government released some details of its much anticipated solar feed-in tariff. The announcement was met with extreme disappointment by the 40-odd community groups, businesses, unions and councils that had been campaigning for and supporting effective solar lawsi. If the… Continue reading Strengthening Victoria’s new solar laws


Friends of South Surrey Park


Friends of South Surrey Park is active in South Surrey Park in Surrey Hills, Melbourne, working in conjunction with Boroondara Council on: South Surrey Park follows the course of Back Creek from Union Road in the north to Riversdale Road, Melbourne in the South. There are well graded walking paths throughout the park, and a children’s playground adjacent… Continue reading Friends of South Surrey Park


Victoria’s new solar laws

The Brumby government in Victoria, Australia, announced the impending introduction of new Feed in tariff legislation in May 2008 following and election promise in 2006 to introduce it. While the intention to encourage clean energy production from solar panels was good, the initial structure of Victoria’s proposed feed in tariff did not achieve this. Amendments to the… Continue reading Victoria’s new solar laws


2011 Australian floods

Brisbane in 2011 Queensland Floods

Devastating floods affected large regions of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in January 2011. In Queensland, 22 people were killed and nine were still missing as at 24 January 2011.[1] The Australian federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has predicted the economic cost of the disaster will be the highest in Australia’s history. Impacts Queensland Victoria… Continue reading 2011 Australian floods


Melbourne water usage

Melbourne water dam

The city of Melbourne, Australia, has extensive forested water catchments. Over the period 1995 to 2006, Melbourne’s rainfall, and that in the catchments, has fallen by 75%, most probably as an effect of climate change. The Government still allows logging in some of Melbourne’s water catchments, despite scientific evidence that this reduces both the quality and… Continue reading Melbourne water usage



Aurora sustainable suburb. Credit: https://communities.lendlease.com/victoria/aurora/masterplan/

Aurora is a new suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia designed to provide homes with higher levels of energy and water efficiency. The plan is to build it over 15 years and to have 8500 residences. Aurora is located north of Epping (an outer northern suburb of Melbourne and terminus of an electrified railway line) and south… Continue reading Aurora


Victorian state election campaign, 2006

Campaign launches are used to formally kick-off campaigns, gain media coverage, and are usually supported by subsequent election campaign advertising. The campaign is split in to two main phases; the phoney campaign when parties are positioning themselves in the lead up to the election and the formal campaign which commences after writs are lodged for the election on 31… Continue reading Victorian state election campaign, 2006