Brian Walters

Brian Walters. Credit: Peter Campbell

Brian Walters SC is a prominent Melbourne barrister, Senior Counsel, and human rights advocate. Brian was the Greens candidate for the State seat of Melbourne in the 2010 Victoria State election.[1] Education Brian Walters was born on 17 June 1954, the third of four sons born to Neville and Jean Walters. He was educated at Blackburn State School, Carey Baptist Grammar School, and Monash University (BA/LL.B). Walters… Continue reading Brian Walters


Portsea Front Beach erosion

Portsea front beach erosion June 2010

The Portsea Front Beach has suffered very serious erosion since deepening of the shipping channel in Port Phillip Bay that was completed in November 2009. The project proceeded with approvals from the Victorian state government (Tim Pallas, Minister for Roads and Ports) and the Australian federal government (Peter Garrett, Environment Minister) with assurances and reports stating that… Continue reading Portsea Front Beach erosion


Blue Wedges Coalition

Port Phillip bay dredging 2005

The Blue Wedges Coalition is a group formed to campaign against the deepening of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia. Concerns raised about the bay dredging include: Toxic sediments Environmental damage Impacts on marine flora and fauna Lack of public consultation Poor business case Increased truck traffic and carbon emissions See also External links


Knox Leisure Works

Knox Leisure Works solar panels

The Knox Leisure Works in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs has been retrofitted with a large solar array. The solar array and system was designed by RJM Sunpower; the Clean Energy Council has announced that Robert McCauley of RJM Sunpower has won an Award for Excellence for the “design and installation greater than 5kW Stand-alone power system”. The goal of the project… Continue reading Knox Leisure Works


Knox civic centre

Knox Civic Centre 30 panels generating 5.25kW

The Knox civic centre has been retrofitted with a solar array generating 5.25kW. With abundant roof space, there are plans to double the size of the array next year. Owners Knox City Council Location 511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South, Melbourne Country Australia Type Sustainable renovation (solar array) Building size Large Phone 03 9298 8000 Email Summary… Continue reading Knox civic centre


Give our streets the green light

Give our streets the green light is a campaign to encourage the Victorian and Federal Government to help local councils with the high upfront cost of switching to more energy-efficient street lights. Many people have made the switch to energy-efficient lights at home, now help make the switch in your street by signing an online petition. Replacing old… Continue reading Give our streets the green light


North South pipeline, Victoria

North south pipeline protest

The North South pipeline was announced by the Victorian Labor Government in 2007 to take water from the Goulburn River on the North side of Great Dividing Range and pump it to Melbourne in an effort to secure Melbourne’s water future. The pipeline is part of the Victorian Governments Foodbowl Modernization Plan, which involves upgrading some of… Continue reading North South pipeline, Victoria


Laurimar zero emission house

Laurimar house facade

The Laurimar zero emission house is a demonstration low-energy home built in the sustainable suburb of Aurora, Melbourne by Delfin in partnership with CSIRO. The home will embody the vision of a near zero-emissions house (ZEH) that Australian families can afford: “The house is expected to use 70% less energy than a traditional home of similar size!”[1] The house… Continue reading Laurimar zero emission house


60L green building

60L Building streetscape

The 60L Green Building is the the premier green commercial building in Australia, unique in its approach to energy and water consumption, and the use of recycled and re-used materials during construction. 60L shows how we can achieve a commercially viable, healthy, low energy, resource-efficient workplace with minimal impact on the environment. Location 60 Leicester Street, Carlton,… Continue reading 60L green building


Geology of Melbourne

Geology of Surrey Hills

The geology of Melbourne was formed over hundreds of millions of years. Some interesting points of note are: See also