Cyclone Yasi

Tropical cyclone Yasi - MODIS satellite image

Cyclone Yasi is a category 5 tropical cyclone that impacted North Queensland on 23:00 Wednesday 2 February 2011. Cyclone Yasi details: Professor Ross Garnaut stated that scientists have predicted there would be more frequent extreme cyclones – though not necessarily more frequent cyclones – due to greenhouse gas emissions.[1][2] Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that the… Continue reading Cyclone Yasi


2011 Australian floods

Brisbane in 2011 Queensland Floods

Devastating floods affected large regions of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in January 2011. In Queensland, 22 people were killed and nine were still missing as at 24 January 2011.[1] The Australian federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has predicted the economic cost of the disaster will be the highest in Australia’s history. Impacts Queensland Victoria… Continue reading 2011 Australian floods


Solar Neighbourhoods Campaign

The Solar Neighbourhoods Campaign was a program offered by Beyond Building Energy, a Brisbane-based company, for installing a grid interactive solar system onto homes. It enabled homeowners to capture free and clean energy from the sun to reduce power bills. The details were: Note: Beyond Building Energy is no longer operating. How was this possible? The Solar Neighbourhoods offer… Continue reading Solar Neighbourhoods Campaign