Cyclone Yasi

Tropical cyclone Yasi - MODIS satellite image

Cyclone Yasi is a category 5 tropical cyclone that impacted North Queensland on 23:00 Wednesday 2 February 2011. Cyclone Yasi details: Professor Ross Garnaut stated that scientists have predicted there would be more frequent extreme cyclones – though not necessarily more frequent cyclones – due to greenhouse gas emissions.[1][2] Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that the… Continue reading Cyclone Yasi

Solar Neighbourhoods Campaign

The Solar Neighbourhoods Campaign was a program offered by Beyond Building Energy, a Brisbane-based company, for installing a grid interactive solar system onto homes. It enabled homeowners to capture free and clean energy from the sun to reduce power bills. The details were: Note: Beyond Building Energy is no longer operating [link] How was this possible? The Solar Neighbourhoods… Continue reading Solar Neighbourhoods Campaign