Brown Mountain old growth forest

Stump of Brown Mountain old growth tree logged in November 2008, radiocarbon dated at over 500 years old. Photo: Jill Redwood

The wonderful old growth forest of Brown Mountain in East Gippsland is now being logged. There are more than 50 trees over 300 years old in this area of forest, which is adjacent to Errinundra National Park. One logged tree has been radiocarbon dated to over 500 years old. Many more trees between 500 and 800 years… Continue reading Brown Mountain old growth forest

Green carbon

Brown Mountain old growth Shining Gum tree.

Australia’s native forests store three times as much carbon as previously thought and could hold the key to tackling climate change, according to a researchers. A report released in August 2008 has found the eucalypt forests of south-east Australia – stretching from Queensland through NSW and Victoria and into Tasmania – store the equivalent of… Continue reading Green carbon

Stop logging Melbourne water catchments

Logging in Armstrong Creek catchment, visible from Reefton Spur Rd

Logging is still allowed in five of Melbourne’s water catchments. This logging has been scientifically proven to reduce the quality and quantity of water from the catchments. Melbourne‚Äôs water supply comes from uninhabited Mountain Ash (Eucalytpus regnans) forests in the Yarra Ranges. Approximately 157,000 hectares of forest has been protected for harvesting water and these… Continue reading Stop logging Melbourne water catchments

Forest friendly timber

Tasmanian forest, credit: Rob Blakers

Forest friendly timber is sourced in an environmentally sustainable manner. This article provides some information about various timbers available to enable readers to choose environmentally friendly materials suitable for their needs. The use of rainforest and native forest timbers (such as old growth forests) in Australia and around the world is contributing to the destruction of… Continue reading Forest friendly timber