MG ZS EV electric car

2024-02-18 MG ZS EV Essence
2022 MG ZS EV Essence

The MG ZS EV electric car is based on the petrol ZS SUV and is a medium-size SUV that comfortably seats five adults.

Availability and pricing

The MG ZS EV electric car built by SAIC motor in China was first available in 2019.

Pricing for the 2024 model in Australia is:

  • MG SZ EV Excite $46,726 (drive away)
  • MG SZ EV Essence $50,100 (drive away)
  • MG ZS EV Long Range Auto $57,807 (drive away)


  • Quiet and has good performance and handling
  • Regenerative braking saves energy
  • No carbon emissions pollution at tailpipe
  • Self folding mirrors when locking car
  • Type 2 charge connection (the most common)
  • 320km range is acceptable
  • Good design – speed and other information are on the dash in front of the driver like conventional cars
  • SUV style – good ground clearance and seating position. Good size rear seating.
  • The information display screen in the centre of the dash is well positioned and a good size (not too big!)
  • 20,000km service intervals! Services cost around $200.
  • Air-conditioning works well
  • Camera shows rear of car when reversing and front when going forward during parking
  • Its reasonably priced and some good second-hand vehicles are available.

Tech features

  • Front-mounted electric motor with 130kW of power and 280Nm of torque, with a claimed 0-100km/h time of 8.2 seconds.
  • 360 degree camera, and blind spot assistance (Essence model only)
  • Built in GPS navigation easy to use (without Android auto)
  • Android Auto support (to get wireless you need a wireless dongle such as AAWireless)
  • Vehicle to Load (VTL) support can provide a connection from the car battery to 240V sockets for running 240V appliances up to 2.2 kW(separate connecter cable is required for this).

MG iSMART mobile app functions 

  • Remotely turn on the aircon
  • Lock/unlock the car
  • Check the battery and see charging status
  • Set a geofence with alerts and see the car’s location. 

Batteries and power plant

51 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery (earlier models used a Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) battery).


  • A petrol car that gets 10 litres/100km translates to 90 kWh/100km
  • The ZS EV gets consumption between 15-17kWh/100km
  • The difference is energy lost in heat and other chemical reactions that take place with combustion

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