Bottled water

Bottled water

Bottled water is now used in many parts of the world as a primary source of water for domestic consumption. While the taste may be good, some serious environmental problems with this practice include: Bottled water banned in New South Wales, Australia New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees ordered all State Government departments and agencies to… Continue reading Bottled water

Simple water saving tips

Here are some simple and effective changes you can make to conserve water. Indoors Outdoors External links

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Melbourne water usage

Melbourne water dam

The city of Melbourne, Australia, has extensive forested water catchments. Over the period 1995 to 2006, Melbourne’s rainfall, and that in the catchments, has fallen by 75%, most probably as an effect of climate change. The Government still allows logging in some of Melbourne’s water catchments, despite scientific evidence that this reduces both the quality and… Continue reading Melbourne water usage

Water wise garden

Sanci permaculture garden

A water wise garden can save a lot of water. Tips for creating a water wise garden: External links

Water tanks

Connecting a ”’water tanks”’ to the down spouts of your home’s guttering system is one of the easiest ways to contribute to sustainable living. Regulations as at May 2007 Rules and rebate schemes are different in each state. With the current low rebate schemes and the low cost of water the reasons for installing a… Continue reading Water tanks

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Water tank pump

Surrey Hills house water pump

Water tank pumps are quite efficient and don’t use much power to operate. Example 1 – water pump for all household water requirements For example, sample measurements from a pump operating for the Surrey Hills house supplying all water needs in August 2008 were: Hours 297 Days 12.375 kWh 2.8646 kWh/h 0.009645118 kWh/day 0.231482828 Example 2 –… Continue reading Water tank pump

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North South pipeline, Victoria

North south pipeline protest

The North South pipeline was announced by the Victorian Labor Government in 2007 to take water from the Goulburn River on the North side of Great Dividing Range and pump it to Melbourne in an effort to secure Melbourne’s water future. The pipeline is part of the Victorian Governments Foodbowl Modernization Plan, which involves upgrading some of… Continue reading North South pipeline, Victoria

Stop logging Melbourne water catchments

Logging in Armstrong Creek catchment, visible from Reefton Spur Rd

Logging is still allowed in five of Melbourne’s water catchments. This logging has been scientifically proven to reduce the quality and quantity of water from the catchments. Melbourne’s water supply comes from uninhabited Mountain Ash (Eucalytpus regnans) forests in the Yarra Ranges. Approximately 157,000 hectares of forest has been protected for harvesting water and these… Continue reading Stop logging Melbourne water catchments

Swimming pool

Water tanker filling a pool in Camberwell

Consider carefully whether you really need a swimming pool. Domestic swimming pools lose a lot of water every day due to evaporation. Perhaps the time has come to only allow the filling of pools from roof storm water, or to ban them? Surely this is now a luxury that we cannot really afford, if we are… Continue reading Swimming pool