2011 climate action and carbon price rally

A climate action and carbon price rally was held in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, Australia on Saturday 12 March 2011. About 10,000 people attended the rally to support the need to price carbon pollution as one measure for taking action on climate change. The rally was organised by several environment groups, including Getup and Environment Victoria, to show public… Continue reading 2011 climate action and carbon price rally

Food miles

Food miles is a term which refers to the distance food is transported from the time of its production until it reaches the consumer. It is one dimension used in assessing the environmental impact of food. The concept of food miles originated in 1990 in the United Kingdom. It was conceived by Andrea Paxton, who wrote… Continue reading Food miles

Australian climate action groups

Climate Emergency human sign

This is a public list of Australian climate action groups and other groups that are active on climate change (circa 2011). National Victoria New South Wales Queensland Australian Capital Territory South Australia Western Australia Other groups active on climate change See also

Portsea Front Beach erosion

Portsea front beach erosion June 2010

The Portsea Front Beach has suffered very serious erosion since deepening of the shipping channel in Port Phillip Bay that was completed in November 2009. The project proceeded with approvals from the Victorian state government (Tim Pallas, Minister for Roads and Ports) and the Australian federal government (Peter Garrett, Environment Minister) with assurances and reports stating that… Continue reading Portsea Front Beach erosion

Blue Wedges Coalition

Port Phillip bay dredging 2005

The Blue Wedges Coalition is a group formed to campaign against the deepening of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia. Concerns raised about the bay dredging include: Toxic sediments Environmental damage Impacts on marine flora and fauna Lack of public consultation Poor business case Increased truck traffic and carbon emissions See also External links

North South pipeline, Victoria

North south pipeline protest

The North South pipeline was announced by the Victorian Labor Government in 2007 to take water from the Goulburn River on the North side of Great Dividing Range and pump it to Melbourne in an effort to secure Melbourne’s water future. The pipeline is part of the Victorian Governments Foodbowl Modernization Plan, which involves upgrading some of… Continue reading North South pipeline, Victoria

Australian climate action summit 2009

Climate Emergency Network, 2009 climate summit

In February 2009 at Australia’s Climate Action Summit, people from climate action groups created and launched a cohesive and strategic national climate campaign, formed a national grassroots network, and sent a powerful message on the eve of the second year of the Rudd Government that sets the agenda for urgent climate action. Community climate action groups… Continue reading Australian climate action summit 2009

Victorian Green Paper submission by Lighter Footprints

Submission from Lighter Footprints Climate Change Action Group (working draft) Response of Lighter Footprints to the Victorian Government Climate Change Green Paper To:<Address 1><Address 2> From:Lighter Footprints Spokesperson and Administrative Committee memberhttp://www.lighterfootprints.org Lighter Footprints is a community climate change action group with over 300 supporters from the Boroondara area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.… Continue reading Victorian Green Paper submission by Lighter Footprints

Joint open letter to Penny Wong by 65 Climate Action Groups

Climate Emergency, 2009 climate summit

2 March 2009 Senator the Hon Penny WongMinister for Climate Change and WaterSenator for South AustraliaDepartment of Climate ChangeGPO Box 854, Canberra ACT 2601 Dear Minister We note commentary in last week’s press over the policy demands of “conservation groups” as being “economically destructive and environmentally irresponsible because they would drive jobs and pollution offshore” [1] .… Continue reading Joint open letter to Penny Wong by 65 Climate Action Groups

CERES Community Environment Park

CERES trail map

The CERES Community Environment Park is an internationally recognised model of a sustainable society located in Melbourne, Australia. CERES shares its name with the Roman Goddess for agriculture. CERES stands for the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, and is pronounced ‘series’. CERES is located on 4.5 hectares (10 acres) on the banks of the… Continue reading CERES Community Environment Park