Aurora sustainable suburb. Credit:

Aurora is a new suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia designed to provide homes with higher levels of energy and water efficiency. The plan is to build it over 15 years and to have 8500 residences. Aurora is located north of Epping (an outer northern suburb of Melbourne and terminus of an electrified railway line) and south… Continue reading Aurora



WestWyck Apartments with solar panels

WestWyck is a sustainable eco-housing development in Brunswick, Melbourne. WestWyck occupies the building and grounds of the former Brunswick West Primary School. The school ran out of students in the 1980s and faced the bulldozer. The WestWyck developers acquired the property with the aim to bring the building to new and vibrant life as an urban… Continue reading WestWyck


Christie Walk ecovillage

Christie Walk ecovillage. Credit: Effie Best

The Christie Walk ecovillage is an urban ecological development in Adelaide that demonstrates a sustainable urban lifestyle. The 27 environmentally sustainable dwellings use a range of sustainable construction materials and systems and are independently funded with ethical finance. Water saving is a high priority, as is the use of solar energy, healthy non-toxic materials and natural ventilation… Continue reading Christie Walk ecovillage