Solar power

Knoxfield house 2.4 kW array

Solar power is produced from the sun with zero carbon emissions. Let’s face it, the sun has been producing energy for billions of years. Here is some history of its use by humanity. Solar Energy and Power Solar energy is the light and heat from the Sun that has been harnessed by humans since ancient times… Continue reading Solar power

Energy saving tips

With climate change now an acknowledged problem, many people are keen to know what they can do as individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are several measures you can take to reduce your “carbon footprint” without compromising your lifestyle. You can reduce the energy used in your home (or office) and your carbon footprint… Continue reading Energy saving tips

Strengthening Victoria’s new solar laws

Suggested legislative amendments to the Brumby Government’s solar legislation On Monday May 5th 2008 the Brumby Government released some details of its much anticipated solar feed-in tariff. The announcement was met with extreme disappointment by the 40-odd community groups, businesses, unions and councils that had been campaigning for and supporting effective solar lawsi. If the… Continue reading Strengthening Victoria’s new solar laws

Victoria’s new solar laws

The Brumby government in Victoria, Australia, announced the impending introduction of new Feed in tariff legislation in May 2008 following and election promise in 2006 to introduce it. While the intention to encourage clean energy production from solar panels was good, the initial structure of Victoria’s proposed feed in tariff did not achieve this. Amendments to the… Continue reading Victoria’s new solar laws

Victorian Green Paper submission by Lighter Footprints

Submission from Lighter Footprints Climate Change Action Group (working draft) Response of Lighter Footprints to the Victorian Government Climate Change Green Paper To:<Address 1><Address 2> From:Lighter Footprints Spokesperson and Administrative Committee member Lighter Footprints is a community climate change action group with over 300 supporters from the Boroondara area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.… Continue reading Victorian Green Paper submission by Lighter Footprints

Feed in tariff

Notice in The Age about Victorian feed in tariff, August 2008

A feed in tariff provides a fair price for solar electricity generated on rooftops and fed into the electricity grid. Moving towards renewable energy is an essential means of addressing climate change, and solar photovoltaic (PV) micro-generation has an important role to play in boosting renewable energy. By offering a premium price for electricity generated on rooftops… Continue reading Feed in tariff

Mandatory Renewable Energy Target

A Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) is a government legislated requirement on electricity retailers to source specific proportions of total electricity sales from renewable energy sources according to a fixed timeframe. The additional cost is distributed across most customers by increases in other tariffs. The cost of this measure is therefore not funded by government budgets, except… Continue reading Mandatory Renewable Energy Target


Greenpower is renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste. Greenpower in Australia In Australia, more than 645,000 households and businesses buy GreenPower, which is regarded by many as part of the solution to climate change. Switching to GreenPower is an investment – the more households and workplaces that make the switch, the… Continue reading Greenpower

Australian national feed in tariff

Submission from Lighter Footprints Climate Change Action Group RENEWABLE ENERGY (ELECTRICITY) AMENDMENT (FEED-IN-TARIFF) BILL 2008 To: Committee Secretary Lighter Footprints is a local climate change action group with 300 supporters from in and around postcode 3127 in Melbourne. This submission is endorsed and authorised by Lighter Footprints and issued on behalf of our supporters.… Continue reading Australian national feed in tariff