Wind power

Bald Hills wind farm
Bald Hills wind farm

Wind power provides renewable energy with large wind turbines generating electricity. Wind turbines are generally grouped into wind farms and connected to the electrical grid.

Wind power is variable so energy storage or other dispatchable generation energy sources are needed to provide a reliable supply of electricity.

Small wind systems have also increased in popularity. Hybrid solar/wind systems often provide the lowest total cost per KWH.

Small wind implementations are highly dependent on local wind conditions.

Melbourne Windmap
Melbourne Windmap

Melbourne’s average yearly wind speed (m/sec at 65m above ground)

Each Australian state government has its own wind map. The wind map above is a screen shot from taken from Sustainability Victoria.

Mt Mercer wind farm
Mt Mercer wind farm

To determine site suitability it is best to measure average site wind conditions with an anemometer. I note the simple rule of placing turbines 10 meters higher than anything within a 30 meters.

Wind Speed Conversion


Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy is used extensively in Norway and Scotland.

Offshore wind energy is a key component of Victoria’s clean energy future.

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