La Casa Verde

La Casa Verde, San Francisco

La Casa Verde, situated in San Francisco’s Mission District, is built with sustainable materials and uses renewable sources of energy. This is one of the first homes in the U.S. to achieve certification through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ratings. Owner Robin Wilson Meridian Builders Location Mission District, San Francisco, California Country United States… Continue reading La Casa Verde


Christie Walk ecovillage

Christie Walk ecovillage. Credit: Effie Best

The Christie Walk ecovillage is an urban ecological development in Adelaide that demonstrates a sustainable urban lifestyle. The 27 environmentally sustainable dwellings use a range of sustainable construction materials and systems and are independently funded with ethical finance. Water saving is a high priority, as is the use of solar energy, healthy non-toxic materials and natural ventilation… Continue reading Christie Walk ecovillage


Swimming pool

Water tanker filling a pool in Camberwell

Consider carefully whether you really need a swimming pool. Domestic swimming pools lose a lot of water every day due to evaporation. Perhaps the time has come to only allow the filling of pools from roof storm water, or to ban them? Surely this is now a luxury that we cannot really afford, if we are… Continue reading Swimming pool


Swinburne National Centre for Sustainability

Swinburne Centre opening ceremony

The Swinburne University National Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Design Building, located in Wantirna, Melbourne has been built with innovative sustainability features. The building is the new home for staff of the National Centre for Sustainability. The grand opening for the building was held on October 14 2008 as part of the Wantirna’s Centenary function. The… Continue reading Swinburne National Centre for Sustainability



WestWyck Apartments with solar panels

Australia Aurora is a sustainable suburb in outer Melbourne, Australia The Ecovillage at Currumbin has been awarded as Queensland’s finest example of sustainable urban development and best residential subdivision. The Aldinga Arts EcoVillage is built on 33 hectares of previously farmed land within the rural township area of Aldinga, is 40 minutes south of Adelaide. Sustainable design principles have… Continue reading Ecovillages


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Large scale solar retrofit trial for coal power station

Greenpower is renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste. Greenpower in Australia In Australia, more than 645,000 households and businesses buy GreenPower, which is regarded by many as part of the solution to climate change. Switching to GreenPower is an investment – the more households and workplaces that make the switch, the… Continue reading Greenpower


Climate Code Red

Climate Code Red book cover

Climate Code Red: The Case for Emergency Action is a 2008 book which presents scientific evidence that the climate change and global warming crisis is worse than official reports and national governments have so far indicated. The book argues that we are facing a “sustainability emergency” that requires a clear break from business-as-usual politics. The authors explain that… Continue reading Climate Code Red


Millerton round house

Millerton round house in winter

Owners Yosh and Nili Schulman Location Millerton, New York State Country United States Type New construction House size Medium Summary of house features Energy efficiency The house is 60% more energy efficient than comparable homes Green building materials External links



The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria. LEED was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and provides a suite of standards for… Continue reading LEED


CEN Eddington report submission

Monash freeway traffic June 2008

Introduction The Climate Emergency Network (CEN) represents 12 groups around Victoria who in turn represent thousands of people who believe more urgent and profound action needs to be taken to prevent the economic, social and ecological collapses being caused by climate change. The CEN welcomes the opportunity to comment on the East-West Links Needs Assessment… Continue reading CEN Eddington report submission