Other alternatives to petrol cars

All of the below vehicles produce some emissions. For more information see Comparison of Transport Fuels Report. Gas conversions If you already own a petrol car:

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Green cars

Hyundai Ioniq

The conventional car industry is now in sharp decline across the world while consumer demand for zero or low emissions green cars is rising fast. Electric vehicles are now the most popular option. The pseudo-freedom and autonomy offered by cars has largely become an accepted part of life for many in developed countries but is becoming less… Continue reading Green cars

Congestion tax

A congestion tax is levied on vehicles in urban areas where high vehicle usage is judged to be causing excessive pollution and traffic congestion. Congestion charges have been in place in a number of other major cities notably including London, Berlin, and Singapore. New York City investigated a similar plan but didn’t have the courage to legislate.… Continue reading Congestion tax

Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycle Trail

Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail route overview

This proposal was published in 2006. Background Bicycle travel is a healthy and environmentally sustainable mode of transport in urban areas. Safe cycling routes encourage people to travel by bicycle. This is a proposal to create the “Eastern Rail Trail” (ERT) to improve east-west cycle travel through the Cities of Boroondara and Whitehorse in eastern… Continue reading Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycle Trail

Very fast trains

Transrapid train near Bremen in Germany

Very fast trains (high speed rail) is a good option for modern rapid transit as they have lower carbon emissions per passenger trip than either road or air transport. Countries with very fast train networks include France, Japan, Italy, Germany, Taiwain, China, Korea and Spain. The United States has one high speed rail line that links… Continue reading Very fast trains

CEN Eddington report submission

Monash freeway traffic June 2008

Introduction The Climate Emergency Network (CEN) represents 12 groups around Victoria who in turn represent thousands of people who believe more urgent and profound action needs to be taken to prevent the economic, social and ecological collapses being caused by climate change. The CEN welcomes the opportunity to comment on the East-West Links Needs Assessment… Continue reading CEN Eddington report submission

Greening Australian Transport

This article provides information on greening Australian transport Assist in the early stage adoption of greener vehicles Ensure that regulations and incentives are in place to encourage the use of next gen green vehicles and green fuels. Support home refueling and re-charging of green vehicles including: Establish a Gaseous Refuelling Infrastructure for use by both buses… Continue reading Greening Australian Transport