Christie Walk ecovillage

Christie Walk ecovillage. Credit: Effie Best
Christie Walk ecovillage. Credit: Effie Best

The Christie Walk ecovillage is an urban ecological development in Adelaide that demonstrates a sustainable urban lifestyle. The 27 environmentally sustainable dwellings use a range of sustainable construction materials and systems and are independently funded with ethical finance. Water saving is a high priority, as is the use of solar energy, healthy non-toxic materials and natural ventilation systems. The local community has been supportive and involved throughout the project.

The first stage of 14 houses was completed and occupied in 2002. The final stage of 13 dwellings and community buildings was completed in 2006.

Christie Walk ecovillage
Christie Walk ecovillage

Key features

  • Ecological community oriented development in an urban setting
  • Energy and water saving
  • Use of ethical finance
  • Non-toxicity of construction materials used


Places and spaces are generally quieter, with low running costs and genuine community/village atmosphere that finds expression in a number of ways.

Working examples are powerful tools to change public perceptions and aspirations, and to inform and change industry practices. Regular site visits are available to members of the public as well as Open Days and many individuals have been influenced after visiting or reading about the project. School and civic groups (including overseas delegations) also make regular visits.


Dr Paul F. Downton, Principal Architect and Urban Ecologist
Ecopolis Architects Pty Ltd
123 Sturt Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

or Urban Ecology Australia Inc Tel +61 8 8212 6760 Email:

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