La Casa Verde

La Casa Verde
La Casa Verde, San Francisco

La Casa Verde, situated in San Francisco’s Mission District, is built with sustainable materials and uses renewable sources of energy. This is one of the first homes in the U.S. to achieve certification through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ratings.

OwnerRobin Wilson Meridian Builders
LocationMission District, San Francisco, California
CountryUnited States
TypeNew building
House sizeMedium

Summary of house features

  • zero-net-energy home
  • power for dwelling obtained from solar and wind
  • 5kW solar array (photovoltaic panels) supplied by SunPower
  • Skystream wind turbine from Whirligig provides up to half of the home’s energy.
  • real-time, web-based monitoring system from Greater than Green displays energy use and generation as well as water use and data about the amounts of rainwater collected.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating certified.
  • 16,000 litre water tanks in the backyard supply toilets and laundry; estimated to save 80,000 litres per year
  • greywater system used for garden irrigation, regulated according to local weather data and soil conditions.
  • 1,000 square-foot green roof provides insulation and captures stormwater to reduce runoff
  • Trex decking uses, a composite of wood and recycled plastic
  • soy-based spray foam insulation in walls
  • low toxic paints
  • extensive use of recycled timber
  • large windows opening for good ventilation
  • whole-house ceiling fan for air circulation
  • solar shades to regulate sunlight
  • every appliance in the home meets Energy Star (U.S.) standards