Water wise garden

Sanci permaculture garden
Sanci permaculture garden

A water wise garden can save a lot of water.

Tips for creating a water wise garden:

  • Understand your soil and its conditions and get the right plants for the right place. For example, it’s a folly to put in a garden using all native rainforest plants in an exposed cooler climate.
  • Group plants together in terms of how much water they need. This is called ‘hydrozoning’. Plant tough plants together and grow water-loving species together so you don’t waste water where it isn’t needed.
  • If you have a few significant trees or other plants that may not technically be right, then give them some TLC. Seaweed-based waterings, mulch and fertilisers can all help restore vigour.
  • Add some organic matter to your soil before you plant and mix it into the existing soil. This helps the water stay in the soil for longer.
  • Mulch well and top up mulch a couple of times a year.
  • Minimise lawns – there are many tough groundcover plants that can give you a similar visual effect.
  • If you are watering a plant ensure the water soaks in properly and doesn’t run away. Water-repellant soils may need a soil wetter or bentonite clay mixed in to improve water infiltration.

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