5 star rated houses in Victoria, Australia

House 7 - circa 2006, some eaves

In Victoria all new homes built since July 2004 have been required to achieve a 5 star rating. This means it is compulsory for new houses to have: The average energy efficiency rating of houses in Victoria was only 2.2 stars before the introduction of 5 star standard. From 1 May 2008, the 5 Star standard will be… Continue reading 5 star rated houses in Victoria, Australia


La Casa Verde

La Casa Verde, San Francisco

La Casa Verde, situated in San Francisco’s Mission District, is built with sustainable materials and uses renewable sources of energy. This is one of the first homes in the U.S. to achieve certification through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ratings. Owner Robin Wilson Meridian Builders Location Mission District, San Francisco, California Country United States… Continue reading La Casa Verde


Christie Walk ecovillage

Christie Walk ecovillage. Credit: Effie Best

The Christie Walk ecovillage is an urban ecological development in Adelaide that demonstrates a sustainable urban lifestyle. The 27 environmentally sustainable dwellings use a range of sustainable construction materials and systems and are independently funded with ethical finance. Water saving is a high priority, as is the use of solar energy, healthy non-toxic materials and natural ventilation… Continue reading Christie Walk ecovillage


Swinburne National Centre for Sustainability

Swinburne Centre opening ceremony

The Swinburne University National Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Design Building, located in Wantirna, Melbourne has been built with innovative sustainability features. The building is the new home for staff of the National Centre for Sustainability. The grand opening for the building was held on October 14 2008 as part of the Wantirna’s Centenary function. The… Continue reading Swinburne National Centre for Sustainability


Millerton round house

Millerton round house in winter

Owners Yosh and Nili Schulman Location Millerton, New York State Country United States Type New construction House size Medium Summary of house features Energy efficiency The house is 60% more energy efficient than comparable homes Green building materials External links


30 The Bond

30 The Bond exterior. Credit: https://ptw.com.au/project/30-the-bond

30 The Bond in Sydney is a sustainable commercial building that was the first CBD building in Australia to be accredited 5 stars under the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating. In May 2007, the building’s official greenhouse result is over 20% better than the 5 star benchmark and about 30% better than the next best certified building… Continue reading 30 The Bond


Kancoona house

Kancoona House

The Kancoona house is a stone dwelling in Victoria’s north east that has a standalone energy system using solar, micro hydro and LPG gas backup systems. Owners Brendan O’Leary and Catherine Upcher Location Kancoona South Country Australia Type New dwelling, owner built House size Medium – 22 squares Summary of house features Micro hydro system The micro… Continue reading Kancoona house


St Kilda Ecohouse

North side with solar panels

The St Kilda Ecohouse was a project of the Port Phillip EcoCentre. The goals were to transform the house and garden on the corner of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens into a model sustainable building to provide education and inspiration to the wider community, acting as a seed for further change. NOTE: The Ecohouse is now closed,… Continue reading St Kilda Ecohouse


ACROS Fukuoka building

ACROS Fukuoka building with green roof, Japan

The ACROS Fukuoka building in Fukuoka City in Japan is an amazing office building with two very distinct sides: one side looks like a conventional office building with glass walls, but on the other side there is a huge terraced roof that merges with a park. The garden terraces, which reach up to about 60 meters above… Continue reading ACROS Fukuoka building


Box Hill house

Box Hill house

Owners Robin and MaryLou Friday Location Box Hill, Melbourne Country Australia Type Sustainable renovation House size Medium Summary of house features Robin and MaryLou Friday’s home and garden in Mont Albert have been progressively modified to implement sustainable living features to maximize use of solar energy, reduce water use and minimise heating loss in winter.… Continue reading Box Hill house