House size comparisons

Mooney Ponds House deck and sails

Research into house sizes across the world has shown that in 2009 Australians had the largest floor area per person and the largest increase in new house sizes.[1] The average floor area of new homes in Australia hit a record 214.6 square metres in the 2008 financial year. The average floor area of new free-standing… Continue reading House size comparisons


House sizing

Tiny house

As with most articles on Green Housing, the first and most basic principle appears to be often overlooked, perhaps because it is obvious, or perhaps more likely because it challenges the base of our consumer society. With out doubt the first rule of eco-housing must be: build less house and what you do build, build simply… Continue reading House sizing


Hawthorn West house

Solar array

The Hawthorn West house is a sustainable renovation featuring a greywater system, solar panels and numerous energy efficiency features. Owners Broderick Street and Vivienne Fraser Location West Hawthorn, Melbourne Country Australia Type Sustainable renovation House size Medium, 21 squares Summary of house features Background Brod Street and Vivienne Fraser have renovated a semi detached single fronted Victorian… Continue reading Hawthorn West house


Knoxfield house

Knoxfield house

This two bedroom house was designed to be as sustainable as possible on a small suburban block. It was built in 2001. I moved in at the time of my retirement. Entry is via a curved slate path, along a wooden walkway representing a bridge over a dry water course, continuing on slate pavers surrounded… Continue reading Knoxfield house


Brunswick West house

Front view, Brunswick West house

Stuart McQuire’s home in West Brunswick was the first in Victoria and the second in Australia to feed energy it created into the state’s power grid. Since 1996 the house has has generated more electricity than it has used. After an outlay of $5000, Stuart hasn’t paid an electricity bill. Owners Stuart McQuire and Wendy… Continue reading Brunswick West house


Mount Waverley house

Mount Waverley House solar array

Owners John Poppins Location Mount Waverley, Melbourne Country Australia Type Sustainable renovation Summary of house features Efficiency For over 20 years we have used compact fluorescents where lighting is required for long hours. These have lived as long as 8000 hours over 8 years, saving electricity, money and ladder climbing. Filament bulbs are still more… Continue reading Mount Waverley house


Crossways Eco Arch house

Crossways Eco Arch House

The Crossways Eco Arch house was designed by Richard, who is an architect, for his family residence. The house is constructed around a unique parabolic arch constructed from hand made clay tiles glued together. The foundations are a concrete slab made from 50% recycled content. Timber frame boxes provide the house structure under and protruding from the… Continue reading Crossways Eco Arch house



WestWyck Apartments with solar panels

WestWyck is a sustainable eco-housing development in Brunswick, Melbourne. WestWyck occupies the building and grounds of the former Brunswick West Primary School. The school ran out of students in the 1980s and faced the bulldozer. The WestWyck developers acquired the property with the aim to bring the building to new and vibrant life as an urban… Continue reading WestWyck


CERES Community Environment Park

CERES trail map

The CERES Community Environment Park is an internationally recognised model of a sustainable society located in Melbourne, Australia. CERES shares its name with the Roman Goddess for agriculture. CERES stands for the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, and is pronounced ‘series’. CERES is located on 4.5 hectares (10 acres) on the banks of the… Continue reading CERES Community Environment Park


CERES EcoHouse

CERES house

The CERES EcoHouse is a sustainable display home that provides working examples of sustainable features that can be added to existing housing stock. Owners CERES Community Environment Park Location 8 Lee St, East Brunswick Country Australia Type Sustainable renovation House size Medium, 21 squares Email Phone 03) 9387 2609 Summary of house features The house is… Continue reading CERES EcoHouse