Give our streets the green light

Give our streets the green light is a campaign to encourage the Victorian and Federal Government to help local councils with the high upfront cost of switching to more energy-efficient street lights.

Many people have made the switch to energy-efficient lights at home, now help make the switch in your street by signing an online petition.

Replacing old street lights with new energy efficient technology would save significant greenhouse gas emissions – equivalent to more than 340,000 cars off the road for a year.

In late 2009, the Municipal Association of Victoria, in partnership with Maribyrnong City Council, initiated the Give Our Streets the Green Light campaign. Through the campaign they are trying to gather wide public support to compel the Victorian and Australian governments to address the barriers hindering the installation of energy-efficient street lighting in our communities.

So far, 43 of Victoria’s 79 councils have stood up to join the campaign and contribute what they can to advocate for this positive change to the Victorian and Federal Governments. A further 13 councils have passed resolutions of support for the campaign.