History of electric vehicles in Australia

Blade Getz EV motor

Blade Electric Vehicle (circa 2008) The Blade Electric Vehicle was an electric car conversion for new and used Hyundai Getz cars commenced production during 2008. It is no longer available. Mitsubishi  iMiEV The iMiEV electric car (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) was available in some countries late in 2009 or early in 2010. It was expensive, not popular and… Continue reading History of electric vehicles in Australia

Green cars

Hyundai Ioniq

The conventional car industry is now in sharp decline across the world while consumer demand for zero or low emissions green cars is rising fast. Electric vehicles are now the most popular option. The pseudo-freedom and autonomy offered by cars has largely become an accepted part of life for many in developed countries but is becoming less… Continue reading Green cars

EV Conversions

Electric Vehicles (EV) offer much greater energy efficiency than internal combustion engines. The only way electric vehicles are going to make a big difference in people’s lives is if they can do everything a gas car can do and more. They have to look great and they have to be safe. Electric Vehicle conversions use currently… Continue reading EV Conversions

Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors mission is to design and sell high performance, super efficient electric cars. Tesla Motors state that their cars join style, acceleration, and handling with advanced technologies that make them the quickest and the most energy-efficient cars on the planet. At the core of Tesla Motors is the belief that an electric car need not… Continue reading Tesla Motors

Australian electric car network 2008

Electric car network mockup 2008

Better Place selected Australia, the world’s sixth largest country in terms of area, to build an Australian electric car network in 2008 [1] The network was planned to include: The goal is to establish electric car networks that allow zero emission vehicles to run on clean energy grids to reduce the reliance on oil. They intend to build… Continue reading Australian electric car network 2008

CERES electric car project

CERES electric car project vaN

The CERES electric car project is a community-based volunteer initiative at CERES Community Environment Park in East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia that has recently converted a Citroen Berlingo from a petrol powered motor to an electric motor, paving the way for more environmentally sustainable transport in the future. Funding was generously provided by the Lord Mayor’s Fund & Donkey Wheel.… Continue reading CERES electric car project