Australian electric car network 2008

Electric car network mockup 2008

Better Place selected Australia, the world’s sixth largest country in terms of area, to build an Australian electric car network in 2008 [1]. The network was planned to include: The goal is to establish electric car networks that allow zero emission vehicles to run on clean energy grids to reduce the reliance on oil. They intend to build… Continue reading Australian electric car network 2008


CERES electric car project

CERES electric car project vaN

The CERES electric car project is a community-based volunteer initiative at CERES Community Environment Park in East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia that has recently converted a Citroen Berlingo from a petrol powered motor to an electric motor, paving the way for more environmentally sustainable transport in the future. Funding was generously provided by the Lord Mayor’s Fund & Donkey Wheel.… Continue reading CERES electric car project