Going shopping with an eBike
Going shopping with an eBike

An e-bike (electric bicycle) is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that is used to assist propulsion. The electric motor assists the rider’s pedal-power up to 25 km/h and makes riding, climbing hills and carrying loads easy. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery.

E-bikes can open up cycling to many in the community who don’t currently ride a bike. They can also be used without the electric motor.

An e-bike can provide active transport to replace many car trips, including:

  • Supermarket shopping trips, carrying up to 60kg
  • School drop offs and pick ups using a child seat.
  • Local trips to gyms, coffee shops and social visits.
  • Recreational rides with family and friends

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity and every trip on a bike is one less car on our busy roads.

No licence is required to ride one but the bike must comply with Australian standards.

Merri-bek (formerly Moreland) has the excellent ride and stride initiative to increase use of cargo bikes.

Merribek Ride and Stride program


  • Don’t buy a cheap e-bike, the motor may not be repairable in Australia and there are safety concerns with some cheap batteries. Bosch motors are serviced locally. Expect to pay AUD $2,800+
  • Use a good lock to secure the bike and look for secure parking locations.
  • Some bikes can be easily adjusted to suit different riders – the seat and handlebar heights can be varied quickly.

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  • Credit: eBikes – Boroondara Bicycle Users Group


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