Australian Forest and Climate Alliance calls on Federal Government to support Tasmanian forest solution

The Australian Forest and Climate Alliance (AFCA) calls on Federal Government to support the Tasmanian forest solution. November 2010 AFCA has sent letters to the Minister for Environment, Minister for Forestry and Minister for Climate Change calling on them to fully support the peace deal struck between conservations and the logging industry in Tasmania in October 2010.… Continue reading Australian Forest and Climate Alliance calls on Federal Government to support Tasmanian forest solution


Forests the new front for climate solution

Tasmanian forest, credit: Rob Blakers

Media release 31 January, 2009 FORESTS THE NEW FRONT FOR CLIMATE SOLUTION: AUSTRALIAN FOREST AND CLIMATE ALLIANCE Over seventy representatives from forest groups around Australia have met in Canberra, forming the Australian Forest and Climate Alliance (AFCA) and calling for federal leadership on forest protection to mitigate climate change. Peak environment groups, local and regional forest protection… Continue reading Forests the new front for climate solution


Melbourne water usage

Melbourne water dam

The city of Melbourne, Australia, has extensive forested water catchments. Over the period 1995 to 2006, Melbourne’s rainfall, and that in the catchments, has fallen by 75%, most probably as an effect of climate change. The Government still allows logging in some of Melbourne’s water catchments, despite scientific evidence that this reduces both the quality and… Continue reading Melbourne water usage


Green roof

Green roofs in Bour, Faroe Islands

A green roof is a roof that is designed to be surfaced with plants. A green roof, usually the roof of a building, is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. This does not refer to roofs which are merely coloured green, as with green corrugated iron… Continue reading Green roof


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Aurora sustainable suburb. Credit:

Aurora is a new suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia designed to provide homes with higher levels of energy and water efficiency. The plan is to build it over 15 years and to have 8500 residences. Aurora is located north of Epping (an outer northern suburb of Melbourne and terminus of an electrified railway line) and south… Continue reading Aurora


Australian federal election campaign, 2010

Senator Bob Brown and Richard Di Natale

The five-week Australian federal election campaign, 2010 formally commenced when Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced on Saturday 17 July 2010 that the 2010 Australian federal election would be held on Saturday 21 August 2010.[1] Key campaign issues defined and opening statements from party leaders Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott both stated that the economy, border protection and global warming (current climate change) are… Continue reading Australian federal election campaign, 2010


Victorian state election campaign, 2006

Campaign launches are used to formally kick-off campaigns, gain media coverage, and are usually supported by subsequent election campaign advertising. The campaign is split in to two main phases; the phoney campaign when parties are positioning themselves in the lead up to the election and the formal campaign which commences after writs are lodged for the election on 31… Continue reading Victorian state election campaign, 2006


Brian Walters

Brian Walters. Credit: Peter Campbell

Brian Walters SC is a prominent Melbourne barrister, Senior Counsel, and human rights advocate. Brian was the Greens candidate for the State seat of Melbourne in the 2010 Victoria State election.[1] Education Brian Walters was born on 17 June 1954, the third of four sons born to Neville and Jean Walters. He was educated at Blackburn State School, Carey Baptist Grammar School, and Monash University (BA/LL.B). Walters… Continue reading Brian Walters


Portsea Front Beach erosion

Portsea front beach erosion June 2010

The Portsea Front Beach has suffered very serious erosion since deepening of the shipping channel in Port Phillip Bay that was completed in November 2009. The project proceeded with approvals from the Victorian state government (Tim Pallas, Minister for Roads and Ports) and the Australian federal government (Peter Garrett, Environment Minister) with assurances and reports stating that… Continue reading Portsea Front Beach erosion


Bicycle route naming and signs standards

Bicycle route sign shared path

This letter was sent as a submission on behalf of the listed Bicycle User Groups on Tuesday 8 June 2010. Dear Minister Pallas and Premier Brumby, We, the undersigned Bicycle User Groups (BUGs), wish to draw to your attention to the opportunities outlined in this letter for improving the safety and utility of cycling and… Continue reading Bicycle route naming and signs standards