Cash payments to Australian coal generators 2011-12

Cash payments from Australian taxpayers were included as part of the¬†carbon tax¬†introduced by the Australia Government in 2012. The following cash payments were made during the period 2001-2012: Generator name Recipient Cash payment Augusta Power Stations Flinders Operating Services Pty Ltd $59,482,064.73 Loy Yang Power Station Great Energy Alliance Corp. Pty Ltd $240,116,761.67 Energy Brix… Continue reading Cash payments to Australian coal generators 2011-12

Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions result when carbon stores such as plant material and fossil fuels are burnt. Carbon emissions from various sources are itemised in the table below. Item Activity Units Quantity Brown coal Electricity generation kg C02 per kW-h 1.24 Brown coal Electricity generation tonnes C02 per MW 1.3 Black coal Electricity generation tonnes C02 per MW… Continue reading Carbon emissions

Government subsidies for fossil fuel use in Australia

Belchatow power station

Total fossil fuel subsidies worth almost $9 billion have been identified by research in Australia.[1] Australian governments (federal, state and territory) continue to use subsidies to achieve environmental and social goals. This may be justifiable where the cost of the subsidy is less than the value of the environmental and social gain that results from the… Continue reading Government subsidies for fossil fuel use in Australia

Clean coal

Belchatow power station

“Clean coal” is a term coined by industry and government to describe as yet unproven methods of burning coal for producing energy with reduced carbon emissions. The term is actually misleading as burning coal for energy will never result in zero emissions. The term “clean coal”, which has been described by some as an oxymoron[1], is… Continue reading Clean coal

Australian coal exports

Australia exports coal for thermal (coal-fired power stations) and metallurgical (coking coal) uses to countries such as Japan, China and India. The following table summaries these coal exports: 2007 2008 CO2 emissions Thermal coal (mt) 112 120 288 Coking coal (mt) 135 140 238 Totals 260 525 Source: ABARE June 08 With a population of… Continue reading Australian coal exports

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