Sea level rise

Recent Sea Level Rise

There is a correlation between C02 levels in the atmosphere and sea level rises. The world sea level has risen approximately 20cm since 1900. CO2 levels in the atmosphere equate historically to a higher sea level than we have in 2008. There is a time lag effect due to the time taken for glaciers and ice shelves… Continue reading Sea level rise


2011 climate action and carbon price rally

A climate action and carbon price rally was held in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, Australia on Saturday 12 March 2011. About 10,000 people attended the rally to support the need to price carbon pollution as one measure for taking action on climate change. The rally was organised by several environment groups, including Getup and Environment Victoria, to show public… Continue reading 2011 climate action and carbon price rally


West Antarctic ice sheet

Antarctica Temperatures 1957-2006

The West Antarctic ice sheet is collapsing due to global warming. Three studies have all concluded that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has begun to collapse. This collapse will impact humanity for generations to come, and the indications are that it is too late to stop it. Effects of the West Antarctic ice sheet collapsing and melting… Continue reading West Antarctic ice sheet


Eddington report recommendations

Eddington Report

The Eddington report issued in April 2008 focussed on east-west travel challenges within Melbourne, Australia. The following recommendations were made in the report: Recommendation 1 Planning work should commence for the staged construction of a new 17 kilometre Melbourne Metro rail tunnel linking Melbourne’s booming western and south-eastern suburbs and providing a major increase in the capacity… Continue reading Eddington report recommendations


Victorian kitesurfing locations

Kitesurfing Norman Bay Wilsons Promontory

Victorian kitesurfing locations are many and varied. This article provides a summary of locations, their best wind direction, and links to other information. Disclaimer: Verify site information with locals or someone who has kited there before heading out for the first time at a new location. Port Phillip Bay West coast East coast Videos External links


Australian summer of 2012-2013 was the hottest ever

Angry Summer Report, Australia, 4 March 2013

The summer of 2012-2013 was the hottest summer in Australian history. January 2013 was the hottest month. January 7 2013 was the hottest day. The Angry Summer report released on 4 March 2013 by Australia’s top climate scientists states: The Climate Commission has received questions from the community and the media seeking to understand the… Continue reading Australian summer of 2012-2013 was the hottest ever


Australian heatwave January 2014

Temperatures may hit 50 degrees on Thursday in north-west WA. Source: BoM

Australia experienced an extreme heatwave during January 2014. In early January, maximum temperatures in excess of 40C were experienced on successive days across Australia.[1][2] Early January 2014 – Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales Adelaide is predicted to be the hottest city in the world on Thursday 16 January 2014.[3] Blistering heat formed over… Continue reading Australian heatwave January 2014


Australian Dome of Heat increases maximum temperature range and bushfires

Australian weather heat map 8 Jan 2013

During late December 2012 and early January 2013, a “Dome of Heat” weather pattern formed over the Australian mainland. The “Dome of Heat” is a stationary hot air mass over the Australian continent that continued to increase temperatures across the country. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology extended its interactive weather forecasting chart with new colours… Continue reading Australian Dome of Heat increases maximum temperature range and bushfires