Victorian kitesurfing locations

Kitesurfing Norman Bay Wilsons Promontory
Kitesurfing Norman Bay Wilsons Promontory

Victorian kitesurfing locations are many and varied. This article provides a summary of locations, their best wind direction, and links to other information.

Disclaimer: Verify site information with locals or someone who has kited there before heading out for the first time at a new location.

Port Phillip Bay

  • St Leonards – N,NE, E SE
  • Indented Head – N, NE, E, SE
  • Portarlington – N, NW, NE
  • Point Henry – N, NW, NE,W
  • St Helens – NE, E, SE
  • Altona Beach. Wind SE, SW, S (onshore). Intermediate and above.
  • Williamstown – S,SW,SE
  • Sandridge Beach. Wind S (onshore) to SE. Small surf. Intermediate and above.
  • Port Melbourne. Wind SW, S, SE. Small surf. Intermediate and above.
  • St Kilda. Wind S to SW. Beginners and above.
  • Elwood – S, SW,W, NW
  • Brighton. Best wind S to SW. N, NW, W (onshore) possible for advanced kiters. Reefs.
  • Hampton. Best wind S to SW. W (onshore) for advanced kiters. Small surf.
  • Sandringham – S, SW, W
  • Half Moon bay – S, SW,W
  • Black Rock – S, SW, W
  • Ricketts Point – Advanced only. Cliffs and reefs. Popular with windsurfers.
    • North Ricketts: South Westerly
    • South Ricketts: South Easterly or North Westerly
  • Mentone– S, SW (onshore), W, E (advanced)
  • Parkdale – S, SW, W
  • Mordialloc – S, SW, W, NW
  • Aspendale/Gnotuk Ave. Best wind S to SE. SW (onshore) for advanced kiters.
  • Chelsea – SW, W, NW
  • Bonbeach, Carrum – SW, W, NW
  • Seaford – SW, W, NW
  • Frankston. Best wind NW and SW. W (onshore) for advanced kiters.
  • Mornington – N, NW
  • Mt Martha – N, NW, W
  • Safety Beach – W
  • Rosebud – N, NW, NE
  • Rye – N, NW, NE
  • Sorrento. Best wind NE, NW. N (onshore) for advanced kiters

West coast

  • Torquay. Wind SW or S. SE (onshore). Surf.
  • 13th Beach. Wind SW or SE. S (onshore). Surf.
  • Ocean Grove. Wind SW or S. SE (onshore). Surf.
  • Anglesea. Wind SW or S. SE (onshore). Surf.
  • Apollo Bay Wind SE, NW, E (onshore). Surf. Long day trip from Melbourne.

East coast

  • Portsea Back Beach. Wind W or S. SW is onshore.
    • The Mornington Peninsula back beaches are not for the faint hearted or beginner.
    • Warning: big surf.
  • Shoreham – W, SW
  • Point Leo – S, SE, SW
  • Balnarring – S, SE, SW, W
  • Phillip Island – N, NE, NW
    • Cleeland Bight – NE, E, SE
    • Cowes – NW, N, NE
    • Woolamai Surf Beach – W, SW, S (big surf)
  • Inverloch (inlet). Wind SW, SE. S (onshore) for advanced kiters.
  • Inverloch (bar). Wind SE, SW, S (onshore)
  • Sandy Point (inlet). All wind directions possible.

Sandy Point panorama
Sandy Point panorama
  • WSW & E/NE work best on speed courses
  • SE & N work best for waves
  • Long day trip from Melbourne.


Hampton Beach, Victoria
Hampton Beach in 30 knots
Inverloch in 30 knots
Hampton Beach with some jumps
Altona Beach in Autumn

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