National riparian land bank

Imagine. You look down on Australian landscapes from a plane. You see vast areas of farmland criss-crossed with millions of native trees and shrubs. You can’t see the wildlife and native flora but you know these tracts of vegetated land must be home to many living things. You see a lot more green, even during… Continue reading National riparian land bank


Climate emergency rally Melbourne July 5 2008

The Climate emergency rally and human sign event was held on Saturday July 5, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. The rally was organised and attended by more than 50 community groups concerned about lack of government action on climate change. About 5,000 people attended. The rally followed yesterday’s release of economist Ross Garnaut’s draft report on climate… Continue reading Climate emergency rally Melbourne July 5 2008


Business IT energy efficiency

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Business IT energy efficiency is an approach for improving the energy efficiency associated with IT equipment. The basic methodology is to Define the work program and get management support The work program needs to be defined and approved as an initial task. This usually involves the development and signoff of a Program Management Plan (PMP) for… Continue reading Business IT energy efficiency



Freiburg Vauban from the air

On the road to sustainabilityTransport and carfee living in Freiburg Author: Steve Melia, Faculty of the Built Environment, UWE, Bristol (published with permission from author) Introduction At a time when the modal share of private cars was increasing across the developed world, Freiburg in southwest Germany has attracted growing interest as a city which successfully ‘bucked… Continue reading Freiburg



Woking Solar Canopy 2017. Source: SurreyLive

The town of Woking in the United Kingdom has achieved significant reductions in energy use and carbon emissions by introducing innovative energy policies to encourage distributed power generation. Woking council is one of worlds’s leaders in adopting green energy technologies. Several combined heat and power stations provide district heating and electricity, and electricity is also provided by… Continue reading Woking


Australian coal exports

Australia exports coal for thermal (coal-fired power stations) and metallurgical (coking coal) uses to countries such as Japan, China and India. The following table summaries these coal exports: 2007 2008 CO2 emissions Thermal coal (mt) 112 120 288 Coking coal (mt) 135 140 238 Totals 260 525 Source: ABARE June 08 With a population of… Continue reading Australian coal exports


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Appliance energy efficiency standards

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Appliance energy efficiency standards inform consumers about the relative energy efficiency of appliances they are considering purchasing. Standards in Australia In Australia, energy labelling standards are in place for the following items: However, the following items currently do not have any energy labelling standards set yet: It is worth noting that some large screen plasma TVs consume more… Continue reading Appliance energy efficiency standards


Victorian desalination plant

Plans to build a desalination plant at Wonthaggi in Victoria, Australia, were announced by the Bracks Labor government in June 2007.[1] Information about the plant Controversy about the location Floodwater has again threatened the South Gippsland site of proposed desalination plant. Flooding of the site in 2007 was called a “one-in-100-year” event by the State Government, but… Continue reading Victorian desalination plant


Fridge facts

Using an energy efficient fridge is a significant action you can take to reduce your carbon emissions. Source: Building Better Lives, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Edition 27, June 2007 The Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Moreland Energy Foundation are running the Phoenix Fridges joint project to improved the efficiency of old fridges. Refugee trainee positions with the project are… Continue reading Fridge facts