Fridge facts

Using an energy efficient fridge is a significant action you can take to reduce your carbon emissions.

  • The fridge is responsible for 12 to 17 per cent of household greenhouse gas emissions in Victoria
  • Simple improvements to old fridges can deliver up a 15 per cent increase in efficiency
  • Retrofits can yield over 50 per cent increase in efficiency
  • New door seals can increase efficiency by 10 per cent
  • More insulation can yield between 15 and 25 per cent increase in efficiency
  • Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants replacing CFC – HFC refrigerants can improve efficiency by 10 to 30 per cent
  • Installing a modern compressor can improve efficiency by up to 50 per cent

Source: Building Better Lives, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Edition 27, June 2007

The Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Moreland Energy Foundation are running the Phoenix Fridges joint project to improved the efficiency of old fridges. Refugee trainee positions with the project are supported by TRUenergy.

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