electrify 2515

Electrify 2515
Electrify 2515

Electrify 2515 is a dedicated group of local people who share a passion for big ideas and positive change, working together on a voluntary basis.

Their goal is to create Australia’s first zero emissions community and they are doing a number of activities to help bring it about.

They are providing an opportunity for households to take part in a proposed (world-first!) pilot project to electrify a whole community to make cars, homes and businesses run more efficiently, powered by renewable energy.

Key points

  • The project aims to fully electrify 500 households in Wollongong’s northern suburbs is calling for submissions
  • Homes would install solar panels, a battery, electric cooker, heaters and hot water and run an electric car
  • Initial outlay would receive government subsidies to generate ongoing savings



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