Tips for green motoring

Green motoring
Green motoring
  • Accelerate gently – rapid acceleration uses more fuel
  • Don’t carry too much spare equipment in your car – extra weight burns more fuel
  • Keep your car motor tuned – a poorly tuned car can use a lot more fuel
  • Inflate your tyres higher than the manufacturer’s rating and keep them inflated. Under inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption by 5% or more, and manufacturers understate tyre pressures in favour of ride comfort.
  • Keep your car for five years or more. Buying a new car frequently requires more cars to be made, and every car represents a lot of “embodied energy” used to make it.
  • Don’t use your car unless you have to – take public transport or ride a bike instead.
  • Don’t buy it if you don’t really need it!
  • Consider whether an electric motorcycle or scooter would do instead.
  • Consider whether a fuel efficient scooter would do instead.
  • Buy the most fuel efficient car you can afford that suits your purpose. Lighter weight vehicles are typically more efficient.