Computer games consoles

Computer games consoles are the high consumers of this personal computer industry, using huge amounts of energy to generate the necessary graphics and sounds.

  • Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer espouses what the world’s largest software company is doing for the environment – but the company’s Xbox games console does not rate a mention in this context.
  • Microsoft have sold 18 million Xbox 360s sold as at March 2008.
  • Worldwide computer use requires 14 power stations for the necessary electricity, producing more harmful carbon dioxide emissions than the entire airline industry – not including the emissions created and manufacturing and shipping the products.
  • When played online, games consoles link up to huge server farms which use even more energy.
  • With each generation of console – we are currently on the seventh – previous platforms are made obsolete by the newest technology. Millions of consoles, games and other accessories are thrown away.[1]
  • A personal computer setup for gaming with a powerful processor and video cards can have a power supply with a peak load rating of 1kW and consume up to that amount of power.


  1. Greenpeace takes on ‘gas guzzling’ gamers, The Age, March 9, 2008