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Laurimar Estate
Floor plan
Floor plan

The Laurimar zero emission house is a demonstration low-energy home built in Melbourne by Delfin in partnership with CSIRO. The home will embody the vision of a near zero-emissions house (ZEH) that Australian families can afford: "The house is expected to use 70% less energy than a traditional home of similar size!"[1]

The house is complete and open to the public for inspection from May - September 2010, see [1].

Street Address: 40 Mable Street, Doreen, Victoria

Location Laurimar community, Melbourne
Country Australia
Type New construction, zero emissions

Summary of house features[1]

  • Zero carbon emissions design
  • Passive solar design
  • 6kW Solar panels, grid interactive
  • Solar hot water
  • Greywater recycling
  • 3000L Rainwater tanks
  • Low power appliances and lighting
  • Insulation: R4.1 in ceiling and 2.5 in walls, waffle pod slab
  • Double glazing
  • Smart building management system

The house achieves eight stars on the CSIRO AccuRate assessment tool.

[edit] Credits and consortium partners

  • CSIRO project leader, Dr Greg Foliente
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • Delfin Lend Lease
  • Henley Property Group

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[edit] References

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