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Content sourced from Metaefficient

Country United Kingdom
Type New construction
Designer The BRE Group (Building Research Establishment Limited)
Contact +44 (0)1923 664000

Summary of house features

  • Passive cooling and ventilation
  • Wind Catcher for summer ventilation
  • Solar Array for electricity and hot water
  • High level of thermal nsulation
  • Biomass boiler
  • Downstairs bedrooms
  • Rainwater harvesting. The home also boasts high levels of thermal insulation, passive cooling and ventilation, biomass boilers
  • Waste separation system allows combustible waste to be burned to help provide power

The biomass boilers run on organic fuels such as wood pellets and count as zero-emission because the amount of carbon dioxide they give off when they are burned is offset by the amount that was absorbed when the crop was grown.

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