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Team Big Heart (77) leading the Murray to Moyne ride
Team Big Heart (77) leading the Murray to Moyne ride

The city of Melbourne has numerous bicycle routes that include a mix of off road bicycle paths and on road routes with bicycle lanes of varied quality.

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[edit] East West cycling route - Lilydale to Richmond

[edit] Upfield bike path widening

  • Widen the Brunswick part of the Upfield bike path, and link it with the Northern Ring Road path.

[edit] Bayside cycle path continuation in City of Kingston

Perhap with this new spirit of co-operation that Kingston Council claims to have with VicRoads, another important bike/road project in the area could be tackled. The shared path on the seaward side of Beach Road that caters for cyclists who don't want to ride on the road comes to a sudden halt at the border with Kingston. It has been stuck there for years. The path travels the length of Beach Road through Bayside, mainly because previous councils refused to cede the nature strip to VicRoads and its forebears and allow Beach Road to be widened.

This was not the case with the late Mordialloc council. Recently, Kingston claimed that VicRoads would not allow council to reclaim a mere half a metre at the road edge, at certain points, to allow the path to continue to Mordialloc. Perhaps the Minister for Roads could bang a few heads together to get some progress on this one.

Rod Bryant, Sandringham Bicycle Users Group, Black Rock[1]

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