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== France == == France ==
* [[Musée du quai Branly]] * [[Musée du quai Branly]]
 +== Italy ==
 +* [ bioclimatic architecture], 0-co2 ARCHITETTURA SOSTENIBILE - Bart Conterio architetto - Lecce, Italy
==United States== ==United States==

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Building sustainable houses is an important action we can take to reduce our impact on the environment. Details on some sustainable houses can help generate ideas for others and demonstrate what can be achieved.

See also: Gallery and map of green buildings


[edit] Australia

Artist impression of new Melbourne convention centre
Artist impression of new Melbourne convention centre

[edit] Germany

[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] France

[edit] Italy

[edit] United States

  • La Casa Verde, San Francisco, California, 5kW solar array and wind turbine
Far Niente winery 400kw array
Far Niente winery 400kw array

[edit] Asia

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