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This Greenlivingpedia Community Portal is a space for collaboration, queries and discussion. Please add any feedback, discussions, observations or suggestions under a subheading below.

I am currently having a 2649 kW system installed at my home in Traralgon and will have to change from my current retailer (which is Energy Australia) as they do not accept bidirectional flow nor arrange for the installation of these meters. I understand that both AGL and TXU will permit or arrange bidirectional meters and give credits for surplus energy from the panels. I have heard that there are retailers that will pay a higher price for sent out energy (30 c compared with 14 c for consumed energy) or am I dreaming Has anyone any knowledge of this and if so who is the retailer. Apart from this who would be the best retailer to be with? and contact name and number. Hope somewone has some information . All the best Robin Dunn

Robin, I connect via Origin who now mandate bi-directional meters for grid interactive systems. However, their billing system is not too good - I am resolving irregularities between what I know I am consuming (from inverter load) and what they say I am consuming. All retailers seem to still be on a learning curve for grid interactive systems. I recommend you speak to installers who have some experience dealing with retailers. Rob MacCauley did our install and could help you out with advice - his contact details are here Peter Campbell 07:02, 27 June 2007 (CDT)
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