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The Climate Emergency Network (CEN) is a not-for-profit, non-politically- aligned network of community organisations who are campaigning for the following objectives:

  • All levels of all governments across the globe must recognise and work together to fulfil their responsibility to secure a safe climate; it is their moral and legal duty-of-care to their citizens.
  • Underpinned by legislation, governments must lead a large scale transformation of the economy to a post-carbon society.
  • Given the extreme urgency and enormous scale of transformation required, governments must recognise and declare a Climate and Sustainability State of Emergency, whilst respecting basic human rights and freedoms.
  • The community must be engaged in recognising and supporting the Climate Emergency. Therefore, we will work to engage citizens in taking responsibility for recognising and responding to the emergency.

The aim is to build a large network of groups and organisations that support and actively work towards the objectives, which are underpinned by the key goal of a safe climate future for all generations and species.

The network aims to bring together the many climate action groups and community organisations across the nation to work strategically together to bring about change.


[edit] Activities

A charter has been defined and working groups are active on Education/Resources, Networking/Lobbying, and CEN Objectives.

In addition, co-ordinated effort is directed to submitting a number of submissions to the Victoria 2020 summit, the Eddington Report review and other public consultation processes, focusing on the urgency of acting on climate change right across the board.

[edit] History

  • February 2008: A successful workshop (based around the themes of the report Climate Code Red: The case for a sustainability emergency) held at the Climate Movement Convergence in Melbourne.
  • March 1, 2008 Establishment meeting held, attended by people from right across the state of Victoria, Australia. Topics covered at this meeting included:
    • defining the purpose of the network
    • initial campaigns to focus on
    • presentation of Climate Code Red material from David Spratt and Philip Sutton.
    • A facilitation committee was formed to coordinate the network.

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