World population reaches 7 billion

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The world's human population reached 7 billion people in 2012. After remaining fairly stable for most of human history, the world's population has exploded over the last two centuries.

As ast 18 August 2012, the world's population was estimate to be 7,033,461,414 people.

The boom is not over: The biggest generation in history is just entering its childbearing years. The coming wave will reshape the planet, and the impact will be greatest in the poorest, most unstable countries.

Even with birthrates falling, the huge number of people in their childbearing years means world population will continue to soar.

Most of the world's civil conflicts occur in countries with young, fast-growing populations.

Four decades ago, the world seemed to be gaining ground on the challenge of providing enough food for everyone. Then the population nearly doubled, putting massive strain on world food supplies.

China introduced strict population control measures to curb it population growth, but the nations economic growth is having an enormous ecological impact on the planet.

In many poorer countries such as the Philippines, contraception has become largely inaccessible to the poor.

The challenges of curbing population growth and supplying food for everyone are key issues for the current millennium.

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