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I am the founder of Greenlivingpedia.

I live and work in Melbourne Australia. I am keen to see us plan for the future and lead "sustainable lives".

I am a passionate community advocate for green living, including green building, water conservation, energy policy, climate change, forest protection, public transport and conservation of our natural environment. I have also been a strong advocate for improved and safer recreational and commuter cycling through my membership and activities with the Boroondara Bicycle User Group.

I have participated extensively with Lighter Footprints, my local climate change action group, and the Climate Emergency Network.

I am a self employed independent IT consultant currently working in the energy industry. My work includes providing consulting, management and IT advice on climate change and emissions trading.

I initiated the project in 2007 to provide information, campaign resources and collaboration on green living, green building and green community action in Australia and globally. I am very keen to promote the wider use of information technologies such as wikis, blogs and social networking within our community to strengthen our democracy and increase grass roots participation.

Our sustainable house renovation in Surrey Hills, featured on Greenlivingpedia, has been open on several occasions to promote sustainable design, building and energy practices within the community. We have established a permaculture garden as our most recent project.

My recreation activities include bicycle racing and touring, kiteboarding, bushwalking and cross country skiing.


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