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Al Gore launching Safe Climate Australia
Al Gore launching Safe Climate Australia

Safe Climate Australia is a non-government organisation formed and steered by a foundation group of concerned scientists, community and business leaders with a shared understanding of the scientific and moral imperatives for emergency action to restore a safe climate.


[edit] Goals and purpose

Safe Climate Australia will build on a range of international innovation and transition projects such as Repower America, which target energy efficiency and renewable generation, a modern national smart grid and electrification of transport as key actions in addressing global warming, energy security and peak oil.

Inspired by these projects, the purpose of Safe Climate Australia is to identify and catalyse action on the societal transformations and solutions needed to achieve a safe climate for Australia, and for the planet, at emergency speed. The structural change achieved in the next ten years is crucial.

Safe Climate Australia and the Safe Climate Transition Plan will encompass an all-sector approach including stationary energy, energy efficiency, housing and commercial buildings, transport, industrial and extraction processes, land use and agriculture.

[edit] Actions

Safe Climate Australia aims to mobilise Australia’s extensive technological, economic and political expertise and resources in planning the transition of the Australian economy to zero net carbon, the sequestering of dangerous levels of existing carbon from the atmosphere, and in assisting the building of a global consensus for restoring a safe climate.

These actions will include:

  • Identify and disseminate the most up-to-date and credible scientific evidence of the urgent need for emergency responses to restore a safe climate through reducing atmospheric carbon pollution.
  • Identify and disseminate the most thoughtful and compelling ethical and moral arguments for emergency action to prevent dangerous climate change.
  • Identify the key research priorities, gaps and tasks needed to produce an all-sector plan for transitioning to a zero-carbon economy as fast as possible at emergency speed, and undertake such work. This will include investment priorities and actions for all sectors of the Australian economy including energy, transport, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, housing, health and education. This work will also include identifying the investment and production targets, labour market and social programs, and policy implementation mechanisms needed to achieve a zero-carbon economy.
  • Model the economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of the most promising strategies for transitioning the Australian economy to zero carbon and for implementing large-scale sequestration of existing atmospheric carbon.
  • Examine the social, psychological, organizational and political obstacles to, and accelerants of, this process, to determine the optimal approach to achieving the transition at unprecedented speed.
  • Produce, circulate and seek broad feedback on an integrated, draft Australian Safe Climate Transition Plan.
  • Work to achieve broad and strong support for the rapid implementation of the Australian Safe Climate Transition Plan.

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