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The Renault Twizy is a four wheeled electric car with a maximum range of 100 km. It is classified in some countries as a quadricycle. It is produced by Renault and manufactured in Valladolid, Spain.



[edit] Availability and pricing

The Twizy was released for sale in France in March 2012 and in the UK and several other European countries the following month. The Twizy was the top-selling plug-in electric vehicle in Europe during 2012. Since March 2012, a total of 9,020 units were sold through December 2012, with Germany, France and Italy as the top selling markets.

The Twizy is not available in Australia[2]

[edit] Features

  • Zero-emission power train and platform
  • Good acceleration and torque
  • Affordable pricing
  • Range of 100km
  • 7kWh Lithium battery
  • Weight 450kg

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[edit] References

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