Prius Gen 2 Plug-in

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[edit] Pay Pack Period

As far as I am aware the pluginsupply kit is the only kit that allows electric only power over 45 kmph.

Adding an additional battery would allow us to plug-in the Prius at night and drive only on electricity for up to 80 km's a day, however the conversion 4kw plugin supply kit costs $10k.

Q: So what is payback period?

Assuming we drive 20 km's per day, 200 days a year in electric power only mode and a nightly top up charge costs $.50. (that's $100 per year in electricity. That's 4,000 kilometers per year, the sort of driving envisaged uses around 250L of petrol. Say the price of petrol over the next 10 years and averages $2-$3 per L , so that's between $500-$750 per year in annual fuel costs, if we subtract the $100 spent per year in battery top up charging costs, it makes the payback period on a 10k investment between 15-25 years. (a long time)

  • Note if we drove a lot- say 20,000 km's per year, the payback would be only around 4 years. (viable)
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