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Humpty Doo house verandah
Humpty Doo house verandah
Humpty Doo house tower
Humpty Doo house tower
Owners Greg Beresford and Sally Jacka
Location Humpty Doo, Northern Territory
Country Australia
Type New construction
House size Medium

Summary of house features

  • Passive solar design
  • Flow through ventilation
  • Solar panels, 1.5kW
  • Solar hot water
  • Rainwater and borewater tanks
  • Grey water
  • Low power appliances, no airconditioner
  • Steel-framed and raised one metre, to protect from termites and water damage in the wet season.
  • Roofline allows for air flow and keeps the sun and rain out
  • Open air bathroom and toilet
  • Three verandas shaded for different parts of the day and year.

This house has been designed and built so the onwers can enjoying the tropical lifestyle. The house is located in the Humpty Doo Solar Village about 40km from Darwin.

To maximise air flow the house is no more than one room deep and has few internal walls. A tower houses the solar electricity system, bore water header tank and a yoga platform.

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