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A Green wiki is a website on a green topic, based on software that can be easily edited using a simple web browser. This encourages people to collaborate on content and share information.

  • Appropedia is focused reducing poverty through international development and increasing sustainability through the use of appropriate technology
Note: Village Earth's Appropriate Technology Wiki Project has merged with Appropedia .
  • Wikia Green
  • Howtopedia is a collaborative platform for practical knowledge and simple technologies that are easily explainable and usable by individuals or small communities for a sustainable and ecological future.
  • PermaWiki is a free permaculture designers manual that anyone can edit
  • Sharewiki is a wiki about sharing
  • - a wiki for tracking and revealing greenwash
  • Sustainable Community Action - a wiki for anyone interested in sustainability or any aspect of it, but especially ordinary people and community groups. We seek to link up community and personal action for sustainability worldwide. SCA WikiNode (reciprocal link under 'Sustainable Housing', also put link on our Australia page)
  • WikiIndex is a wiki of wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas. We are striving to help build community between people who use wiki by being a place to help new wiki folk find wiki communities they are interested in.
  • Wikiski is in an attempt to harness the wealth of knowledge about snowsports around the world that the general public have tucked away in their heads. By sharing this information with others everyone can benefit from the wealth of knowledge of others and make your snow sport experiences so much better. An initiative of
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