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You can from a Green Team with fellow employees who volunteer their time to help create a caring and responsible culture within your workplace. This can be achieved through initiatives that minimise your collective impact upon the environment.

These initiatives can help improve a company's commitment to the environment and to society.

Green Team Representatives can help boost fellow employees awareness green initiatives so they can participate during daily work.

Some Green Team initiatives are listed below.


[edit] Recycling

Green teams and establish programs in the workplace to recycle:

  • Recycle printer cartridges
  • Recycles drink bottles and cans
  • Organic matter for composting.
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Use scrap paper for notes

The general aim is to reduce or eliminate waste going to landfill.

[edit] Responsible environmental purchasing

Promoting enviromentally friendly purchasing options such as

[edit] Other initiatives

  • Installing facilities such as showers, lockers and secure bike parking for those who cycle to work and/or exercise during lunch time.
  • Organising volunteer activities for community-based initiatives such as community-based initiatives clean up days, tree planting or assisting charities.
  • Encourage green plants at work to purify the air and provide a pleasant working environment
  • If the office has coffee and tea facilities make fairtrade coffee and tea available as a choice

[edit] Energy and resource efficiency

Green Teams can conduct audits to determine opportunities for:

  • Saving energy by using efficient light globes
  • Setting temperature levels to minimise the use of heating or air-conditioning.
  • Printing doubled sided (duplex printing) to save paper
  • Miminising water use
  • Purchasing recycled paper
  • Turn off computers and monitors prior to leaving – "switch off before you take off!"
  • Minimising travel by car between sites

[edit] Communications

  • Communicating with all staff via bulletins, emails and Intranet content to promote Green Team initiatives and successes.
  • Meeting regularly to track progress and generate new ideas.
  • Exploring and developing strategies for continuous improvement of the activities so the environment is always considered according to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Green teams can also seek executive sponsorship and support within the company, and ultimately have some input to company policy and procedures so that good environmental practices become integrated into normal work practices.

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