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Here is a list of books that many have found helpful or interesting in their quest for information about green living.

  • What's the Worst That Could Happen?: A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate - by Greg Craven, who did the Youtube videos and now has an inexpensive book that gives a few simple tools to make sense of the conflicting arguments.
  • Small is Beautiful - an excellent book on appropriate technology, by E.F. Schumacher.
  • A Lighter Footprint: a practical guide to minimising your impact on the planet, Angela Crocombe, Scribe Publications, 2007
  • From Buddha to Bono - by Tor Hundloe covers seeking solutions to climate change, water scarcity, pollution and Third World poverty
  • The Weather Makers : How Man Is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth, by Tim Flannery, The Weather Makers
  • A list of green building books on
  • Sydney's guide to saving the planet, Giovanni Ebono, Woodslane Press and the Sydney Morning Herald, 2007
  • Renewable City, Peter Droegue, Wiley Academy, 2006
  • Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization, Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute, Free download
  • Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy, Mark Diesendorf, 2006
  • Climate Code Red, David Spratt and Phillip Sutton, 2008. Presents scientific evidence that the climate change and global warming crisis is worse than official reports and national governments have so far indicated. The book argues that we are facing a "sustainability emergency" that requires a clear break from business-as-usual politics, and that action to address climate change is an indispensable course of action.
  • Greeniology, How to live well, be green and make a difference Tanya Ha, author and presenter of SBS TV's Eco-House Challenge,2007. An accessible, friendly and encouraging guide to green living with hints for every budget.
  • Horrible Geography Handbooks, Planet in Peril! With Earth-Saving Tips Anita Ganeri Illustrated by Mike Phillips, 2008. This book is written to engage children. With their cheeky and subversive sense of humour, these books are read and reread by children. Writer/publishers take note: children are suspicious of reading about a subject they may be set a school project on but they read the "Horrible" books by choice.
  • Green Lighting: A comprehensive online book about green lighting. Brian Clark Howard, Bill Brinky, Seth Leitman, TAB Green Guru Guides, 2010
  • Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman and Bob Brandt, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008
  • Renewable Energies For Your Home: Simple and Inexpensive Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Home, Russel Gehrke, TAB Green Guru Guides, 2009
  • Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits: 140 Simple Solutions to Lower Energy Costs, Increase Your Home’s Efficiency, and Save the Environment, David Findley, TAB Green Guru Guides, 2010
  • Solar Power For Your Home: This hands-on guide is filled with solar energy, green living solutions you can put to use right away., David Findley, TAB Green Guru Guides, 2010

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