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Geothermal energy is energy derived from "warm areas" below the earth's surface. This energy can be obtained by circulating a fluid through pipes between the surface and the warm area below, which can then be extracting using a heat pump.

This article describes geothermal "warm areas" in Australia.


[edit] Australia


[edit] Victoria

In Victoria if the geothermal resource is shallower than 1km OR less than 70 Celsius then the land owner owns the resource. See DPI site for more information

Companies with Geothermal Acreage rights in Victoria

  • Geogen Victoria
  • Granite Power
  • Greenearth Energy
  • Hot Rock Ltd
  • Torrens Energy
  • Eden Energy

Victoria's Geothermal known hotspots. (The below diagram is based on where exploration wells have been drilled. As exploration continues more potential geothermal resource sites are anticipated to be discovered.)


2008 Acreage Release

One of the most promising sites in Victoria is GEP12/13. Coincidently GEP12/13 is in the La Trobe Valley, near where most of Victoria's brown coal electricity generation plants.


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