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The EvMe electric car is an Australian-designed electric car based on a Mazda2 small car.

The car is manufactured in Armidale, NSW, by the Energetique company in a project led by local Armidale academic and organic cattle farmer, Dr Phil Coop.[1]

About $2 million and $3 million has been spent developing the evMe for commercial use.

The first car was produced in March 2009 at a price of $50,000.

There are plans to build 100 evMe’s a year, priced at $70,000, with initial interest mainly from corporate fleets.

Features include:

  • a silver lever on the floor near the handbrake which is a kill switch that allows technicians to cut the electricity while they work on the vehicle.
  • As the evMe has no gearbox, there are only three "gear" selections available: park, drive and reverse.
  • A display gives information about battery voltage, remaining charge and range (up to 280km).
  • Eventually, the evMe will have three modes: performance, normal and limp home.

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[edit] References

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