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Eltham Worms have been experimenting since 1999 with composting to deal with garden waste from a mowing and gardening service.

Some of key findings are:

  • There are situations suited to “hot” composting and others where “cold” composting with worms is preferable.
  • It is possible to do both and produce a superior product - Eltham Worms has developed a unique system which does this on a small commercial scale.
  • Best composting is not about buying a “new beaut” compost bin or wormfarm
  • It is about creating conditions for composting and worm activity no matter which system is used

The main things that have to be managed are:

  • the selection and mixture of organic materials
  • the moisture level
  • aeration
  • temperature

[edit] Contact details

Country Australia
Mobile 0419 310 003
Email elthamworms@iprimus.com.au

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