Climate change national day of action Australia June 2011

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A Climate change national day of action was held in capital cities and towns across Australia on Saturday 5 June 2011. About 45,000 people attended rallies across Australia to support the need to price carbon pollution as one measure for taking action on climate change.

The rally was organised by environment groups, including Getup, Environment Victoria and the Australian Conservation Foundation, to show public support for pricing the pollution that is contributing to climate change.

A catchcry for the rallies was "Say yes to the carbon tax". However, it is worth noting that at the time of the rally details for the carbon tax were not finalised. If the carbon price is set at less than $50 per tonne it is unlikely that it will foster a transition to 100% renewable energy such and wind and solar.

Investment is gas-fired power generation is not desirable because gas reserves are limited and burning gas still creates significant carbon emissions.

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