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Climate Communities is a Victorian Government initiative to promote voluntary action on climate change.

The Climate Communities program recognises that responding successfully to climate change is a shared community responsibility. Individuals, businesses and government must work together to meet the challenges of climate change.

For most of us the best place to start is in our own street, in our own local community. Many people across Victoria want to do something practical today, to make a real difference.

Climate Communities will provide a framework to coordinate and boost local responses to climate change, supporting community-based networks of groups and individuals wanting to take voluntary action to reduce their carbon emissions.

Right across Victoria local groups and councils are already taking up the challenge and achieving great results with a range of successful projects to help the environment.

Climate Communities will build on the momentum and achievements of local community groups and networks by:

  • providing grants for local initiatives that deliver carbon emission reductions
  • helping to ensure voluntary actions are recorded and verified.

Climate Communities has been inspired by the successful Landcare program, and will link closely with the Australian Carbon Trust, established by the Commonwealth Government to facilitate voluntary action under the CPRS.

Sustainability Victoria will coordinate Climate Communities to ensure communities can access the full range of Victorian Government programs to help reduce emissions and prepare for a carbon price. Funding of $10 million has been approved for the first 3 years.

The Climate Communities program was developed from the fileicon-small-pdf.png Climate Care submission info_circle.png by Lighter Footprints to the Victorian Government Greenpaper on climate change.

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